Rally for Sally

Dedham Four on the 4th Road Race


Sally Naser is young girl who has faced more adversity than any child should ever have to bear. Rather than dwelling on her own personal hardships, she lives her life each day full of enthusiasm, love, and hope. Sally lives in Dedham with her parents, Robert and Camille, older brothers Oliver and Evan, and family dogs Bandit and Zippy. She is an 11th grader at Ursuline Academy in Dedham.  She is an excellent student and a member of the National Honor Society . Sally loves all animals large and small, has a passion for photography, and enjoys craft projects.

In May 2010, two weeks after her 10th birthday, Sally was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. Osteosarcoma afflicts approximately 600 children each year in the US - less than 5% of all pediatric cancers. The standard osteosarcoma treatment protocol consists of a combination of chemotherapy and surgery.

In spite of her doctor’s best efforts, Sally has suffered many recurrences of the disease since 2010, all to her lungs.  In 2015, Sally was told that a new tumor that appeared and that it was inoperable.  Her doctors recommended a palliative care plan to make her remaining days comfortable.  In spite of this devastating news, she refused to accept her fate as inevitable and began a quest of hope.  In April 2016, after consulting three other surgeons at nationally recognized cancer institutions and being told that the tumor was inoperable, Dr. Michael LaQuaglia, a thoracic surgeon at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center agreed to try surgery - in spite of the overwhelming odds for a “poor” outcome.  Through the skill of Dr. LaQuaglia, Sally’s own indomitable spirit and perhaps divine intervention, Sally survived the surgery and was able to continue cancer treatment by enrolling in an experimental immunotherapy treatment (she was patient #6) at Texas Children’s Hospital.  While her future is uncertain, she has, and continues to, defy the expectations of all the medical professionals.

Her incredible will to live, resilience and unwavering faith is a source of great pride and inspiration to her family and friends. She has faced this daunting childhood disease with incredible composure and grace. We are thankful to all those who continue to support her throughout this odyssey with cards, gifts, thoughts and prayers.

We continue to pray every day for a miracle recovery.